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Fire and Security Techniques
Fire and Security Techniques, South Africa
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Fire and Security Techniques is ISO 9001: 2008 approved. We operate from Centurion, within an Industrial Estate well located midway between Oliver Tambo Airport, Johannesburg and Pretoria. We are Africa's largest supplier of fire suppression solutions. Established in 1994 in response to the demise of ozone depletion Halon fire suppression agent. Fire and Security Techniques provide internationally approved suppression hardware and extinguishing agents that are used to provide 24/7 fire protection for high value resources used in communications and data processing centers. We also distribute and partner with Fire-Eater Denmark, one of Europe's leading fire suppression manufacturers and creators of Fire-Eater Inergen (IG541).

We provide technical, commercial and backup support throughout the whole of Africa to service providers of automatic fire suppression systems. We also have key distribution partners located throughout Africa that provide recharge facilities. These partners are graded in terms of their allocation of resources in providing fire suppression systems. We encourage all our service providers to undertake capability training to ensure they can tackle competently not only the installation of fire suppression systems but also the system's lifetime maintenance.

That Fire and Security Techniques demonstrate to existing and potential owners of automatic fire suppression systems that they can have confidence in their solution providers (our customers) to not only have the necessary in-house technical skills but also of our full support to ensure longevity and reliability of their automatic fire suppression system.

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