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Fire and Security Techniques
Detection System

General Rules

The detection system must be provisioned with minimum of two detection circuits (also called "zones"). Both circuits must activate to provide primary and secondary alarms before time delay (30 sec.) discharge procedure is activated. Each detection circuit contains a minimum of two detectors (Fail Safe). Where a protected risk has floor and ceiling spaces these should be protected with detection and gas suppression in addition to the room space.

Operation Sequence

Initially one detector will be triggered on circuit one (first stage). If a second detector (second stage) is triggered then a countdown timer is started and once this time has elapsed, the gas will be released. During the above process a series of alarms will be triggered. During the first stage an alarm bell will be triggered, then during the second stage a secondary sounder will be activated. After the countdown timer has elapsed a bell and flashing strobe will have triggered when the gas is released. The main control panel provides details and control of the current status of the system. In an emergency the gas can be released immediately by activating the Manual Gas Release

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